Jess Langston Turner

Premiere of DancefaresJanuary 22, 2017

Many thanks to Rodney Dorsey and the South Carolina MENC honor band for a fantastic premiere of “Dancefares” yesterday! There’s nothing more flattering for me as a composer than to be able to tell that the ensemble is having fun with the music I’ve written, and you all really seemed to be having fun with my latest piece! Thanks again to everyone for your hard work and great playing!

Dancefares is a piece about “earworms,” little musical fragments that get stuck in our heads and won’t dislodge themselves no matter what.  Most of the musical material in Dancefares is based on the infectious little opening motive which pervades the piece from beginning to end. Throughout the piece, you may hear references to well-known popular songs (well, one in particular).

Instrumentation considerations:
Standard wind ensemble instrumentation with the addition of piccolo trumpet (important!), contrabass clarinet, and soprano saxophone.

Grade 5
Duration 5:30
Price: $155.00