Jess Langston Turner

The Exultant Heart

For wind ensemble, grade 4 - Available from Wingert-Jones Music

Band/Wind Ensemble
Grade 4
Published in 2011 6'


The Exultant Heart is a piece about the joy that true love brings to one’s life. The main theme of the piece contains melodic material from two of classical music’s greatest love themes (in the composer’s opinion): The melody of Schumann’s song “Widmung,” which is a testament of love to Clara Wieck, who was to become his wife, and the recurring theme which represents the woman of the composer’s affections in Hector Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique. The middle section is a lively dance which alludes to a rustic wedding dance complete with drum and tamborine. After a climax, the first theme returns in a chorale-like setting, while the dance rhythm continues over it. The music gradually settles down to return to the mood of the opening of the piece while chimes improvise like church bells fading into the distance.

The Exultant Heart was commissioned by Demosthenes Dimitrakoulakos for the Symphonic Band of the International School of Luxembourg as a anniversary gift for his wife, Maria Giannakopoulou-Dimitrakoulakou.